Sunday, August 24, 2014

eating my way through europe

despite something i tweeted right before i left for geneva, my family and i did eat our way through europe.

the food in geneva, zermatt, and paris was dope: swiss fondue, fresh baguettes, muesli, chocolate, scroll through for a selection of my favorite foods from the trip.

highlights include the tiny sandwich that we ate on the first day, movenpick swiss ice cream in geneva, muesli and poached eggs at the breakfast buffet in zermatt, french onion soup (not pictured because the pictures were straight-up awful), and the absinthe-on-fire in paris. also, the sausage from the street vendor in zermatt. it was a great food tour of europe. 

the tiny meal we got on the train from zermatt to paris was also pretty cool: it included rosé and a tiny lemon tart. vastly different from buying a diet coke on the amtrak, right?

tomorrow, i go back to boston, where i'll return to the dining hall meals. stay tuned for any adventures i have in my tiny, tiny kitchenette.

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